Children of all ages absolutely adore staying at Quirky Cottages, even the  "BIG, BIG" kids!  Please read my guest reviews! 
    Quirky Cottages WELCOME!!!Quirky Cottages 
   Quirky Cottages  Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages      
to Australia's most unique and quirky holiday home accommodation.
                      CHILDREN friendly!!    PET friendly!!
Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages Quirky Cottages
Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages     Quirky Cottages   Quirky Cottages
Quirky CottagesGUEST REVIEWSQuirky Cottages
Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages

Below are emails sent to me from customers

"Soulfully You held its women weekend retreat at The Beach Shellay one of the Quirky Cottages run by Hayley.

The cottage lived up to its name and was so creatively decorated by Hayley it was wonderful. It set the tone from the minute we walked in. It had everything we needed including air-conditioning and fans. Booking was not a problem and the cost of the weekend was excellent. So much so we are booking to hold the May and September events in the same place.

Hayley made the whole process wonderfully easy and has ensured that you are able to have a brilliant time.


We loved her, the cottage and the Island. How blessed we are to have heaven in our backyards. Do yourself a favour and book a holiday you certainly wont be disappointed!


Cheers Lynne Dalrymple JP/CMC

Owner or Soulfully You and Australian Screen Industry Network

For more information on our groups email or telephone 0414864517

Melody Hoffman, Terrence Blaikie and their good friends said this about their stay.....

We had a great weekend with our children, it made us feel like kids again!!

We'll be back see you soon!
Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages 
 Hi Hayley Quirky Cottages

Had a fantastic time on the weekend at the 
Beach Shellay.Quirky Cottages
The kids of course were just amazed by it- as we were too! You've done such a great job. So much to look at Quirky Cottages kept finding things we had missed. Almost spat my coffee out with laughter yesterday morning enjoying the view
from the upstairs deck when I saw the toy monkies and gorrilas in the next door
trees. The boys loved the boat beds
Quirky CottagesThey were everything
they had hoped they would be after looking at the photographs.
The outside play area is FANTASTIC and we enjoyed the eggs collected for breakfast.

It was also everything your reviews say on your website!
Thank you once again Hayley for letting us enjoy your your property.
We would love to return sometime again and we will certainly recommend your cottages to our friends.

Best Regards
Di Harford Dec/Jan 2010
Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages
Hi Hayley, The weekend could not have been any better . I only wish we could have stayed longer . I have not seen kids have so much fun in my entire life . Not once did they come up and say they are bored or complain about something . The weather was spectacular .
Thank you again from all of us . All families are considering making this an annual event .

       Quirky Cottages

From Jim Rutley and Family, 12-14th June, 2009

                       Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages 

   Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages
                           Truly Spectacular!!!!!
 We recently booked out all of Hayley's  Quirky Cottages 4 Quirky Cottages
on Coochie for a family reunion.  We had a sensational timeQuirky Cottages.
Each cottage is a work of art Quirky Cottages and a credit to her.
They are all totally unique and very comfortable. We were very
impressed with the amount of Quirky Cottagesglasses, platters,
crockeryQuirky Cottagesand cultlery in each home. We have stayed in many
holiday homes before where you can hardly scratch Quirky Cottages
together enough plates, knives Quirky Cottagesand Quirky Cottagesforks for one meal
setting. Hayley's homes are all well equipped with more than
enough settings for entertaining large Quirky Cottagesgroups.
Hayley's hospitality is simply delightful and her pet animals are a
must to Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottagessee!
 We will all be back again same Quirky Cottages time Quirky Cottagesnext year.
                         Quirky CottagesCongratulations Hayley! Quirky Cottages
                        Brookfield, Queensland. September 2007.
                                                               Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages 

Husband and I and our Quirky Cottages 2 kids had a fabulous weekend in the
 Quirky Cottagescow house! Very relaxing, a feast for the eyes (amazing decor and
attention to detail) and ears (lots of birdsong). Hayley has a truly creative
spirit and pours all her energy into making your stay Quirky Cottagestruly
Her creations are amazing and her hospitality second Quirky Cottages to none.
The kids will never forget their week Quirky Cottagesend Quirky Cottagesthere - the animals
were a highlight and the friendliness just lovely. A true Quirky Cottagesescape from
busy city life. (And a lovely meal Quirky Cottagesat the pub)
We'll be back Quirky Cottages!
                                  Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages

From the Quirky Cottagestime we got to  Quirky Cottages we felt very
relaxed and comfortable. The children had a wonderful time collecting
 chook eggs and  playing at the fantastic and Quirky Cottages unique play
 area . They had a wonderful time  in Hayley's wonderland of farm
animals and train carriage's. 
It was very comforting knowing the children were all safe to come and
go as they please. Lamina Quirky CottagesAmour was so beautifulQuirky Cottages
everywhere you lookQuirky Cottages was a littleQuirky Cottages something special!
It was lovely and tidy and felt very Quirky Cottages cozy.
It was nice having a chat with Hayley throughout our weekend.
We all loved Quirky Cottagesthe relaxing slow Quirky Cottagespace of  Quirky Cottages Coochiemudlo
Island. We had a wonderful stayQuirky Cottages and will definitely be
re Quirky Cottagesturning  Quirky Cottages  Quirky Cottages
                  From Rebecca, Craig and family xx
                                         July 2008
Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages 

We recently had Quirky Cottages glorious Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages nights
in theQuirky Cottages Cow House on Coochie Mudlow ...we Quirky Cottageswish
we had more time Quirky Cottages there!!
                                Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages

WOW the Cow Quirky CottagesHouse was just amazing!!!!!!
We have never seen anything like it Quirky Cottages- SO colourful and
fun - the kids  LOVED it!!! And yes it is definitely quirky, even
the plates and cups and Quirky Cottagesglasses were so different -
fabulously bright & fun -  We will be Quirky Cottagesback, thats
forQuirky Cottagessure!!! Thank you!!
Jessica, Sean, Ellie & Harry
Caloundra, Qld
                                                  Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages 
A group of us, young Quirky Cottagesand oldQuirky Cottages ventured over
to the quirky cottages for Aussie Day week-end. A great time
was had by all, very relaxing and energising.
The Cow Quirky Cottagescottage was great and so uniquely designed.
What a great way to spend Quirky Cottages Australia Day, under the
huge mango tree, sipping a cold chardy. Thanks again for a great
weekend Quirky Cottages.
Tracey, Belinda, Dave, Sarah, Nathan and Courtney
Bribie Island, Qld
Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages 
                                                Quirky Cottages
Our two week stay atQuirky Cottages Lamina Amour on Coochie was the best
family holiday we have had. Having taken our children to big cities
and large resorts we were looking for something different and
found that Lamina Amour was spectacularly unique. We kept active
and found entertainment while relaxing and recharging like never
before. The atmosphere of Coochie and the Quirky Cottages was
just magicQuirky Cottages. We will definately return for another stay.
Maria - January 2007
                                 Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages 
A group of us go away every year for our annual holidays - we have
been to Noosa, Byron, Montville, loads of places, but we have never
stayed in accommodation quite like Quirky CottagesLamina Amour and
Quirky Cottagesthe Cow House.  We are a large group and rented out both
houses for a week in July - and we all Quirky CottagesLOVED them!!! They truly
are quirky.. and bright... and happy - you wake up every day and you
can't help feeling happy - there are so Quirky Cottagesmany zany things in
these houses - even the handles on the cupboards are unique - heaps
of fun!!  And we found plenty to do on Coochie... but we loved our
afternoon glass of wine (or two) on the back deck - heaven!!  It will be
hard to find anywhere to better this holiday!!! Thank you!!!
Simone - July 2007  
                                     Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages
We really enjoyed our weekend at Cow House. I expect you will be getting lots of referrals through Centenary Dog Obedience, as dog owners are keen to find somewhere they can bring their dog.  We like the Island so much we would love to buy there! A little cheap cottage (not those expensive big homes-that's not what the island is about). Thanks for everything.
Jennifer and Family
June 2009
                                      Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages

What a great place to stay!! Happy and quirky and terrific fun.
If you're looking for somewhere truly spectacular This is it!!!
Sydney NSW
                          Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages
 We enjoyed the closeness to the beach and feeding the  kookaburra who
flew in every evening Quirky Cottages.

Nicole, Lochiel, 7/Jan/2009

Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages Quirky Cottages

Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages
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  Lamina Amour     Beach Shellay      Cow House    The Lochiel
                 Quirky Cottages  Ideal for "Birthday"
  weekend getaways! Quirky Cottages
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