The Coochie "KIOSK" Quirky Cottages (corner store) carries Quirky Cottages quite a reasonable supply of basic (Black and Gold) products in Quirky Cottagescase you forget anything, though it is more expensive and naturally has a lot less variety than Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages Woolies or Coles, but Quirky Cottages 
still very convenient.

The KIOSK is great for....

Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages  Quirky Cottages   Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages
hamburgers and chips   milk shakes   hot dogs
Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages Quirky Cottages       Quirky Cottages
      newspapers      milk        bread  etc.
And you Quirky Cottages also purchase.... those ridiculously expensive, hideously addictive, lung Quirky Cottages destroying, toxic, air polluting, anti social, moisture zapping, false calming,
 skin decaying Quirky Cottages (me at age 35)Quirky Cottages 
good for nothing killers, plus total time wasters 
         named Quirky Cottages Cigarettes!! 
which           I happen to unfortunately buy every day for myself!!!!
You can also purchase bait and tackle for Quirky Cottagesfishing.

They have an assortment of casual clothes including, sarongs and hats for the beach. You can also hire dvds for $5

You will find the kiosk  on the corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Parade. It is basically straight a head from the ferry jetty, on the second corner on your right.

You may telephone Sean  or Angela to order your take-aways!
Phone 3207 7207

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