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     Free, your own unique
            QUIRKY COTTAGE  
      personalized web page  
    Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesGift VoucherQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages  
         What a wonderful and different Quirky Cottagesidea!!
 First, you decide how much you'd likeQuirky Cottages to spend I can create something very special for you and your loved one!
Please click below  to see an example 
All you need to do is simply email me some photos, names involved and any special comments you would like to make and I can create a web page gift voucher for your loved one to view live online!!
On their special day (for their eyes only), just hand them a card with their very own web page link written inside!! They will be very surprised when they click onto their present! Quirky Cottages Or you may choose to have them simply look up my quirky website and see their photo LIVE ONLINE to click on? What a hoot!  
There are plenty of special occasions that you could give for... 
Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages Birthdays Quirky Cottages, Anniversaries,
             Quirky CottagesChristmas,Quirky CottagesEasterQuirky Cottages 
Quirky CottagesWeddings, Honeymoons Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages
              Quirky Cottages  Engagements Quirky Cottages   
Quirky Cottages Graduations,   ValentinesQuirky Cottages Day Quirky Cottages
 Mother'sQuirky Cottages  and  Father's Quirky CottagesDay
for celebrating Quirky Cottages sportingQuirky Cottages Quirky Cottagesawards,
 or   Quirky Cottages great Quirky Cottages achievementsQuirky Cottages 
Quirky Cottages New YearQuirky CottagesGetting wellQuirky Cottages   
 Thank you gifts Quirky Cottages  I loveQuirky Cottages you gifts Quirky Cottages
             any Quirky Cottagescelebration at all!!!Quirky Cottages
Please remember, it doesn't matter how much you spend,it can be a little or a lot. Your friends or family can use the value of their voucher any way they choose. For example, say,

                      $Quirky Cottages
                      could go towards
a relaxing holiday or a romantic weekend Quirky Cottagesaway,in any QUIRKY COTTAGE or CARRIAGE Quirky Cottagesor they may use it toward a mosaic class, even a late Quirky Cottagescheck out,video hire, gifts or share it toward a very happy Christmas Quirky Cottages holiday with all Quirky Cottages the Quirky Cottages familyQuirky Cottages
               This unique Quirky Cottagesgift voucher 
           is valid for Quirky Cottages 2 years,   so Quirky Cottages....
  no need to Quirky Cottagespanic or get Quirky Cottagesstressed
       about Quirky Cottages dates or Quirky Cottages dead lines.
      There's all the Quirky Cottages time in the world Quirky Cottages

     Also, the gift voucher may be used for any  
          QUIRKY COTTAGE or Carriage of their choice!!
Any weekend or during midweek, anyQuirky Cottagestime of year!!
          (Depending on availability at the time, of course)

     If you would like to purchase a Gift Voucher
       for someone special Quirky Cottages,
             please Quirky Cottagescontact me
either by Quirky Cottageson 0407 022518 Quirky Cottages or
You may pay by internet transfer banking, credit card or branch deposit?         
Thank you for Quirky Cottages looking.
Cheers Quirky Cottages






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