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Quirky Cottages

Dave and Elly are local residents on Coochiemudlo Quirky Cottages Island
where they  own and operate    
Quirky CottagesCoochie Boat Hire.

Dave and his lovely wife Elly moved to Coochie in 2011.
They professionally offer this fabulous service to add a little
 " extra"Quirky Cottages to your relaxing holiday or day visit.

Perhaps you would like to hire....
Quirky Cottages

a Quirky Cottages tinny to go fishing Quirky Cottages one morning or

hire their famous BBQ Pontoon
Quirky Cottages for a family
 Dave and Elly also have Aqua bikes, kayaks and Quirky Cottagescanoes Quirky Cottages for rental.

To hire a
Quirky Cottages tinny it will cost you from $90 

The fabulous BBQ Quirky Cottages party pontoon will cost from $180
IT'S GREAT!!! Quirky Cottages

During all school holidays and  weekends (weather depending of course) you can hire all the other
goodies Quirky Cottages like aqua bikes  Quirky Cottages and kayaks.

Aqua bikes from $10   Quirky Cottages kayaks from $10 Quirky Cottages

Submarines Quirky Cottages not available just at present Quirky Cottages

Please give Dave a call, he's a super guy and  very good Quirky Cottages looking!!! Though remember girls (or guys) he's happily married!

To contact Dave Quirky Cottages(ore) Elly Quirky Cottages  
please ring 07  3207 8207  or    0419 983 801
On most weekends, you will find Elly under a shady tree, just right of the jetty as you walk off. Quirky CottagesElly will be more tan happy to answer any questions and take your booking. Have fun!
clickQuirky Cottages here to see push bike hire on Coochie

TO  Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages Quirky Cottages AT Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages Quirky CottagesHOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION ON COOCHIE
Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages

Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages
Quirky Cottages. Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages   
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