Quirky Cottages
        Quirky CottagesWHAT TO PACK!!Quirky Cottages  
                 Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages
            Quirky CottagesWhen coming to

Quirky  Cottages

                   Quirky Cottageson beautiful
           Coochiemudlo Quirky Cottages IslandQuirky Cottages
please Quirky Cottages   pack these types of clothes and accessories ...  
             Quirky Cottages                      Quirky Cottages
     matching hat and gloves                   diamante boots

    Quirky Cottages        Quirky Cottages         Quirky Cottages           Quirky Cottages   Quirky Cottages 
 evening purse   ball gowns      high heels             ties   &   bow ties 
     Quirky Cottages      Quirky Cottages   Quirky Cottages    Quirky Cottages
  business shirts      cufflinks           tuxedo        with top hat
  Quirky Cottages  Quirky Cottages            Quirky Cottages                  Quirky Cottages
   fox fur   (run & hide)      very expensive jewellery    and a lot of make up!!
                                              Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages

              And, as Gladys always says to Kevin,

        "Don't forget your Quirky Cottages hanky D aa rl..."  

                        Only joshing! Quirky Cottages

Coochie is extremely casual,though the Quirky Cottages boots would definitely catch a fewQuirky Cottages smiles !!! Quirky Cottages

Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages Quirky Cottages   Quirky Cottages



Clothes for the kids , should be "play" clothes, as they all get filthy Quirky Cottages having FUN!!!!

 Now for the Quirky Cottages  serious "stuff" ....
Quirky CottagesFirstly,
it's important toQuirky Cottages buy all your groceries Quirky Cottagesfrom a Quirky Cottages supermarket Quirky Cottagesor
your favourite grocery store Quirky Cottagesbefore Quirky Cottagesyou
come, as there is NO SUPERMARKET, deli or bakery on the island, though we do have a littleQuirky Cottages corner store called
The Coochie "KIOSK" Quirky Cottages .  
 For Fruit and Veg...Quirky Cottages

Before you come, why not phone Quirky Cottages Ross from "Fruit Loops" on Coochie, he will fill your order and deliver it to your
 Quirky Cottage the day youQuirky Cottages arrive. One less thing to pack!! Phone 041038164
Drinks Quirky Cottages
Please remember, there is NO
                bottle Quirky Cottages  shop
                                on Coochie
 You must bring
Quirky Cottages   Quirky Cottages all your supplies with you Quirky Cottages .
What foodQuirky Cottages to pack...

You will need to pack ample food, as there are only 2 venues where you can dine in Quirky Cottages
         Please Quirky Cottagesnote, the eating venues,
 are not open 7 Quirky Cottages  daze Quirky Cottages  a Quirky Cottages week!

They are usually open Wednesdays and weekends.

Anyway Quirky Cottages back to business!!

Here are some menu ideas and "food" to consider bringing....



Why not spoil yourself with some really simple Quirky Cottages ,

yet delicious Quirky Cottages  treats while you are on holiday....

Try something totally new!! Give you and your taste Quirky Cottages buds a memorable experience....like....

munching on pan Quirky Cottages fried brains  Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages 
encrusted with Quirky Cottages   macadamiaQuirky Cottages nuts!!
           You willQuirky Cottages LOVE Quirky Cottagesthem!!!

Quirky Cottages Or  Quirky Cottages stick with a few easy favourites,

like boiled Quirky Cottages babyQuirky Cottages potatos with freshQuirky Cottages salmon fillets, to grillQuirky Cottages on the Quirky Cottages barbie!! 

You could pack Quirky Cottagessome... 

thick Quirky Cottages slices of Quirky Cottageshoney baked Quirky Cottages ham, Quirky Cottages succulent spinach or silverbeet Quirky Cottages

and big Quirky Cottages  juicy mushrooms Quirky Cottages to enjoy with your freshly poached or fried Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottageseggs!!

YouQuirky Cottages could also buy some "easy" pancake mix or fresh waffles Quirky Cottagesto toast for brekky or dessert!

Consider bringing these ingredients for a mouth Quirky Cottages watering Quirky Cottagestopping!!

Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages Strawberries Quirky Cottages blueberries and bananas Quirky Cottagesmarinated in maple Quirky Cottagessyrup, orange juice with hot butter and a Quirky Cottages splash of Quirky Cottages

cointreau with fresh 
Bring along some ooey gooey stinky Quirky Cottages  Quirky Cottagescheeses,Quirky Cottages quince paste, fresh figs, fruit, bikkies and dipsQuirky Cottages as well as some good ol'Quirky Cottages " cheezles" Quirky Cottages and Quirky Cottages "chips" for the kids
                to Quirky Cottagesnibble.
Please remember basic condiments and spreads like... salt Quirky Cottagesand pepperQuirky Cottages sauces
 Quirky Cottages jams Quirky Cottages and Mum...,
       don't forget the Quirky Cottagesvegemite!!


If you don't feel likeQuirky Cottages cooking and would like a break, why not just bring easy pre-made fresh or frozen meals, like lasagne or an assortment  of pre- packed TV dinners and enjoy them with a quick and easy fresh garden salad!.  79cent noodles won't hurt the kids once in a while either! You can add a little tin of tuna or an egg on top for added protein!
Make it easy for yourself MUM!! 

You could even inspire the kids to create a meal for everyone, look up quirky recipes for kids from this website!
What to pack Quirky Cottages
           for the Beach .. Quirky Cottages
  YourQuirky Cottages favouriteQuirky Cottages pairQuirky Cottages  Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages
of   Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages      sunQuirky Cottages glasses Quirky Cottages 

Beach bags   Quirky Cottages beach towels

Swim wear...

 Quirky Cottages   Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages   Quirky Cottages      Quirky Cottages

     Quirky Cottagesprotection from the Sun Quirky Cottages

 Quirky CottagesSun block  Quirky Cottagesportable shade


Your choice of head Quirky Cottagesprotection Quirky Cottages 
  Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages
What to pack Quirky Cottages
             in theQuirky Cottages winter time...

Even though Coochiemudlo is a sub-tropical island, during winter we have been known to experience very cool evenings and mornings here.

There are Quirky Cottagesreverse cycle air conditioners in all the cottages, as wellQuirky Cottages as heatersQuirky Cottages though

it is actually a good idea to pack a warm jumper or windcheater, bed Quirky Cottagessocks Quirky Cottages  winter pjs,  even throw in a Quirky Cottages     Quirky Cottages        Quirky Cottages

                      beanie or two

dressing gown or warm track suit, singlet and Quirky Cottagesslippers. That way you will definitely stay comfy, cosy and....

  " as snug as a Quirky Cottages bug Quirky Cottages in a rug".
     You may look a complete dag, but who cares!! Quirky Cottages
            Have fun and be comfortable!!

What to pack...Quirky Cottages
         in case it Quirky Cottages rains Quirky Cottages


Quirky Cottages    Quirky Cottages     Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages
  umbrella                rain coat                 plastic shoes

   Quirky Cottages    Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages    Quirky Cottages
  Kama Sutra           twister                   sun lamp
What to pack.....
      for on the Quirky Cottages Island
 Bring casual Quirky Cottages comfortable   Quirky Cottages walkingQuirky Cottages shoes.
        Shoes Quirky Cottagesfor tennisQuirky Cottages
            orQuirky Cottages golfQuirky Cottages.
 If you own Quirky CottagessurfQuirky Cottages shoes, it's a good idea to bring them along forQuirky Cottages walking on the beach or even swimmingQuirky Cottages .

Make sure you fill up with "gas"Quirky Cottages on the mainland. There is NO service station on the island so please bring with you a Quirky Cottagescan of petrol, if you are staying a few weeks!  

Personal entertainment...Quirky Cottages

Bring along your favourite music, cds,
Quirky Cottages dvds, 

  A camera
Quirky Cottagesor phone to capture those "precious" moments 


For your personal use remember to pack Quirky Cottages ....

  Quirky Cottages    Quirky Cottages  (extra)  Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages


  Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages shampoo etc

Current novel you may be reading and glasses if you need them Quirky Cottages

 What to pack...Quirky Cottages

     if staying a Quirky Cottages week or longer
 Laundry Needs....
Quirky CottagesExtra "front load" washing powder for the washing Quirky Cottagesmachine if you will be staying a while
Extra dishwasher Quirky Cottages powder for cottages with dishwasher 

What to pack....Quirky Cottages  just for fun!!!!
Bring at leastQuirky Cottages different colours of cheap nail Quirky Cottagespolish, mostly for the MEN, to put on them when they are asleep.Quirky Cottages Little boys  Quirky Cottages  like it too!!!
Colour each fingerQuirky Cottages and toenail with a different colour polish. For the best effect, use strong primary colours! Hot pink or red, really  stands Quirky Cottages  out!! You are guaranteed to create giggles Quirky Cottagesespecially with the Quirky Cottageskids!!

If you would like to feel a true sense of a celebration, bring over a packet Quirky Cottagesof ballQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages ns,Quirky Cottages tie them everywhere around the house, inside and out. Enjoy everyday as a party, a celebration of life!
Create "FUN" for your soul.

What to pack...
       when bringing your own linen

Tea towels, hand towels for kitchen and bathroom, table cloths or mats if desired, bath towels and face washers, at least 2 bath Quirky Cottagesmats,  single or king size sheets and pillow slips

EXTRAS to packQuirky Cottages

Any medication or first aid you may require
Personal insect repellent
mozzie coils

       BIG Quirky CottagesTIP!!!!
               Quirky Cottages
         Don't bring too many clothes,
             you won't need them!!
 Quirky CottagesHey! Quirky Cottages
If you would like to buy your best furry friend some island gear for your holiday Click Here to see what pet clothes are for sale
  Click Quirky Cottages here to see what   Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages ,exciting and entertaining things to see and do on Coochiemudlo Island
   If you would like to contact us by email Quirky Cottages
      or phone
Quirky Cottagesplease click here for details.

            Thank you and Quirky Cottages
Cheers, Hayley 









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