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One less thing to pack or worry about is always
a help when you go away for a weekendQuirky Cottages.

Rory,the local fruit man on the island has a home to home delivery service which he operates every Saturday on Coochiemudlo Island.  

If you happen to run out of
fruit and veg Saturday, his van will be parked down the front of the local kiosk every Sunday.
Rory Quirky Cottagesis a great guy and very Quirky Cottages friendly. He always stocks good quality  fruit at everyday  prices.Quirky Cottages
Please give him a call if you miss him. Quirky Cottages 0410 380 164

For information on what to pack when coming to Coochiemudlo please   click Quirky Cottages here

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  Thank you and Quirky Cottages Cheers
Quirky Cottages

                                                                                      fruit and vegetables on Coochiemudlo Island

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