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   Here's some of Hayley's
Personal "PET" Poetry
Little quirky poems for children and adults,
presented by
Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages


Quirky Cottages  PALA  Quirky Cottages  
There is a goat in my kitchen Quirky Cottages
Quirky CottagesShe's making me smile
Her eyes are so big,
Can I stay a while?

She’s totally fascinated
By my BIG gray cat
Who purrs in my ears
when he sits on my lap

I love this goat Quirky Cottages
She's so placid and kind
Though, I’d love to know...
What’s in her mind? Quirky Cottages

'Cause sometimes for hours,
 she  just sits and stares
so calm and relaxed

, with a look of "who cares"

Quirky Cottages

She is completely free
and loves her life
She’s  adorable!!!
Though, she does cause me strife

Quirky Cottages

She gets in my cupboards
And eats all my food
Even chews the cat's biscuits
Which is rather quite rude!!!!

Almost anything in sight
She loves to eat
All paper and cardboard,
But never meat Quirky Cottages

She’s eaten Doctor’s Quirky Cottages referrals,
Quirky Cottages Tax papers and jam
Quirky Cottages

Quirky Cottages Cornflakes and muesli

And labels off cans Quirky Cottages

But boy do I love her
She brings joy to my world Quirky Cottages
She’s unique and different
She’s my PALA girl


PALA stands for Precious, Adorable, Lovable, Angel! 


Quirky Cottages




I've been making lots of garden beds
To grow colouful flowering plantsQuirky Cottages
Quirky CottagesDigging up red soil

Filled with tiny ants Quirky Cottages
Quirky CottagesQuirky Cottages

Quirky Cottages

I've cut down lots of branches
Quirky Cottages
to allow the sunlight in

Then I put all the fallen foliage
In the big green rubbish bin

The chickens
Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottageshad a field day
Eating little grubs
Now I have lots of tiny cuts
From all the spikey shrubs

Though I am very happy
'Cause I've made a cheerful spot
To rest a mosaic bird bath
And a cow print painted pot!

I hope you like my garden
I hope it brings you joy
I want it to be special
for every girl and boy!


    Quirky Cottages A CHICKEN LAID AN EGG Quirky Cottages IN MY BED!!Quirky Cottages             

SheQuirky Cottagesquietly walked up my bedroom stairs
Tried out all my comfy chairs
Quirky Cottages


Then went into the kitchen
Ate a loaf of breadQuirky Cottages
Came back into my bedroom
And flew onto my head

I giggled with such a silly surprise
Though really, I couldn’t believe my eyes!
As she nestled down beside me
clucking loudly with glee
Then out popped an egg
A lovley present, just for me

Quirky Cottages

Thank you Gorgeous! What a beautiful  Quirky Cottages gift!!


P.S.  Gorgeous is my favourite chicken!!
She is about eight years old and sleeps every night
next to my cats and "Monkey" the Galah!!

Quirky Cottages




Quirky CottagesLollipopQuirky Cottages

Quirky Cottages Quirky Cottages

I have a lovely donkey
Her name is Lollipop!
She regularly sneaks out
And escapes straight to the shop!

She trots off down the road
Kicking her heels up for fun
Then she’ll end up on the beach
To catch a ray of sun

Quirky CottagesQuirky CottagesI head off with lots carrotsQuirky CottagesQuirky Cottages
To entice her home with food
Though she’s extremely hard to catch
When she’s in this playful mood!

Up and down the beach she’ll run
Eeeeooorrring all the way
I’ll be running right behind her
Saying words I shouldn’t say!

Willy Wonka stays beside me
The sheep and Pala too
Though we rather enjoy her "great escape”
It’s become a regular thing we do!

Quirky Cottages


I took off all the covers

Sprayed them all with preen

Placed them in the washer
And turned on my macahine Quirky Cottages

Quirky CottagesRushed in the water

down went the soap

'Round and 'round they went

'till they got completely soaked

They peered out the window Quirky Cottages
As the dirt washed away
Quirky Cottages
Then  went for a spin
On this happy washing day

Out came the covers
All clean and shy
Then hung up on the line 
Quirky Cottages

Quirky Cottagesfor the sun to quickly dry

Off came the pegs
in the basket they did drop
Back onto the cushions
For all your heads to flop!!

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