Homonyms Heterographs and Homophones! What are they?
Find out below.... what is a homonym?
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               Do you know
         what a  heterograph
    a homophone is......??

     Also, do you know what
        homonym  is

   I have used a lot of them
    in my "wacky" website!!

heterograph is a word that sounds the same as another but has a different spelling and meaning.

For example...
there is    "you" Quirky Cottages
And a female sheep is called a "ewe"  Quirky Cottages
Both sound the same but have different spelling and different meanings.

homophone is....

When a word has the same sound, has the same or different spelling but means something totally different!

for example...

plane Quirky Cottages

"plain" paper Quirky Cottages

then also, a plain, like in a vast open field Quirky Cottages

And a homonymhas the same spelling, same sound but also means something different

For example...

A patient when used as a noun, is a person 
Quirky Cottages   who requires medical attention, like a  patient in hospital.

Then there is also "patient"
which is an adjective that describes the calm temperament of a person. A patient person is someone who can wait long periods of time for something, without complaining or  getting upset.

This, by the way, is a very good skill to learn!! It is very comforting and calming to be around patient people. Easy going and happy people are often very patient!!

A person is impatient, (which means the opposite), often get upset and angry 
Quirky Cottageswhen they have to wait for long periods of time for things or have to do things that take a long time!! It's certainly not relaxing to be around impatient people.

          There is a very old saying that I love,


In my 
quirky website, I have used a lot of pictures 
and photos instead of using words. I also have used many  heterographs, homophones and homonyms and similar sounding words, using
Quirky Cottages photos. 

See how many you can find throughout my website.
                            Good Luck!!

Believe me,
Quirky Cottageswill need a lot of patience  Quirky Cottages  Quirky Cottages  Quirky Cottages   to look through all my web pages! (Another example, I have used pictures of patients, which is similar sounding to patience!!!)

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